Introducing Malaysia's FIRST Coke Freestyle!



Introducing Malaysia's FIRST Coke Freestyle! 

What is Coke Freestyle? It is a state-of-the-art machine that features a user-friendly touch-screen which dispenses more than 50 flavours of refreshing drinks to cater to every taste and lifestyle. 

Choose from four categories - all drinks, low or no calorie drinks, caffeine-free drinks or fruit flavoured drinks. Featuring exclusive flavours like Mango and Lychee only available in this region. Among the interesting flavours are Lychee Sprite Zero and A&W Rootbeer Zero Cherry Vanilla.

Now everyone has the freedom to choose their favourite flavours at Malaysia's First Coke Freestyle at mmCineplexes eCurve, Damansara! 

Fun Fact:
Coke Freestyle features 40 unique flavours that are not found in supermarkets and retail outlets. How cool is that?! 

I want to try! How does it work?

Step 1: Simply make your way to mmCineplexes at eCurve level 2.
Step 2: Buy a movie ticket (or not) and your Coke Freestyle.
Step 3: Receive an empty cup with ice.
Step 4: Select your flavour on the touch-screen and push to dispense your drink.
Step 5: Enjoy!


What is Coke Freestyle?
- It's a state-of-the-art machine that dispenses over 50 flavours of drink choices.

Where can I try Coke Freestyle?
- Coke Freestyle is only located at mmCineplexes eCurve, Damansara. 

Is there any promotional pricing for Coke Freestyle? 
- Yes, there is! You can enjoy a FREE upgrade on all combo purchases till 14 Nov. 
After 15 Nov, you only need to top up RM1 to upgrade to Coke Freestyle for combos and RM1.50 for ala carte Coke Freestyle. 

Do I need to purchase a movie ticket to enjoy Coke Freestyle?
-No, you can purchase Coke Freestyle without buying a movie ticket. 

Do we need to purchase Coke Freestyle with a combo?
- No, you can purchase Coke Freestyle as an ala carte drink. Simply top up RM1.50 to upgrade to Coke Freestyle.

Can we refill our Coke Freestyle?
- Unfortunately no. There is strictly no refill for Coke Freestyle and no refunds once purchased. 

Can we taste each flavour from Coke Freestyle?
- No sampling of flavours is allowed as this would hold up others in the queue. Let's be considerate to everyone!

What if I don't like the flavour that I selected?  
- Please do not pour your drink into the tray or onto the floor. Sip up and come back another time to buy and try another flavour!

How do I buy a Coke Freestyle? 
- Once you have purchased a movie ticket and your choice of F&B, our F&B staff will give you a cup filled with ice for your Coke Freestyle at the F&B counter. 

Come and join our Coke Freestyle What's Your Flavour Contest and WIN one month's supply of Coke Freestyle & complimentary movie passes! For more details, click here


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